Which are the top trending and highly paid jobs in India? Why would data science be a good career option for beginners?

  • Management Professionals
  • Investment Bankers
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Business Analyst
  • Medical Professionals
  • Commercial Pilots
  • Law Professionals
  • Data Scientists
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Software & IT Professional

Importance of data science

The benefits data science adds to the business are:

  • It empowers management and employees to make better decisions.
  • It assists in directing actions based on trend, which in turn help to define goals.
  • It challenges employees to adopt the best practices and focus on the issues that matter.
  • It improves decision making with quantifiable, data-driven evidence.
  • It helps in identifying opportunities and refining the target audience.
  • It helps in recruiting the right talent for the organization.

The career perspective of data science:

Learning Data Science:

The future for Data Science

Some examples of current data science applications:

  • It can increase diagnostic accuracy and decrease mortality rates with innovative data science technologies.
  • Making use of Electronic Health Record (HER) for digital storage of patients has made accessing the patient’s record easier and reliable.
  • Managing medical images and analyzing them for future references can only be possible through digital storage devices.
  • Creating effective Pharmaceutical Drugs in a shorter time than conventional methods, reducing casualties.
  • By analyzing extensive data, it can recognize whether the prescribed medicine will be healthy to the patient without any lethal complications.
  • By monitoring patient’s medical status, alerts can be triggered if anything goes abnormal, and doctors can virtually guide through in worst cases.
  • Virtual assistance and health bots are developed with complex algorithms to mimic the human brain for optimized services.

Final Thoughts



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