How to get into cybersecurity, regardless of your background

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What is cybersecurity? Why it is needed?

Carving a career in Cybersecurity with technical background

  • Asset Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Communication and Network Security
  • Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security and Risk Management and Compliance
  • Security Architecture
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Software Development Security

Jobs in the cybersecurity market for technical people

  • Security generalist — This all in one job in cybersecurity
  • Application Security — This job is all about securing applications that are built by the organizations by static and dynamic analysis
  • Network Security engineer — This job is suitable if you want to secure the networks, network devices such as firewalls, NIDS, Routers, and VPN, etc.
  • Cloud Security Engineer — This is the job as the name indicates protecting the cloud platforms
  • Identify and Access Management Engineer — This job is to protect the identity such as user name and password, access rights, prevent unauthorized access, deal with various access control techniques such as Role-based accesses, etc.
  • Penetration tester — The job of this profile is to do the work of hackers ethically by legally hacking the software systems, network, and devices so that we can identify the vulnerabilities before the hacker does.
  • Security Architecture — To build policies and procedures by securing the systems and design, builds and manage the security architecture for the organizations.
  • Malware and forensic analysts — Do reverse-engineer the malware and come out with insights on the spread, impact, and origins, etc.
  • Cybersecurity engineer — designs, develops and implements the security solutions to defend against hackers and cyberattacks.
  • Security auditor — reviews the security posture of the organizations and provides suggestions to enhance and improve the security.
  • Security Trainers — trains the audience on the security best practices.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance professionals — this is a senior role that oversees the legal, contractual, and regulatory compliance and suggests best practices.
  • Cryptographer — protect data at rest, during transmission, and while processing by encrypting the data and the systems.
  • Incident response analyst — protect organizations by attending the security issues and breach, and quickly addressing the threats before it causes damages to the organization.

Stepping into a cybersecurity career with a non-technical experience

Jobs in cybersecurity for people with a non-technical background

  • Program Managers — This is the job role requires managing the security team and develop cybersecurity programs that are required to secure the data and the systems.
  • Security generalists — This job role about a jack of all trades those who have basics correct and know security over the surface can fill this position.
  • Cyber policy analysts — Making the cybersecurity policies, procedures, and processes are an interesting skill, and anyone with skills in process and policymaking can fill this role.
  • Network Administrators — This role is for network people who know networks and transition into security by securing the networks.
  • Security Auditor — one who reviews the systems against the baselines, standards, and policies that can find the threats and loopholes in the system by probing?
  • GRC specialists — this is a senior role that shows the leadership and motivates people in the security team and can perform risk assessment, compliance activities and governess the security systems.
  • SOC analysts — This is a job for one who works in the security operations center and works 24/7 shifts to find the breaches, solve the incidents and mitigate cyber threats, etc.
  • Vulnerabilities analyst — Find the vulnerabilities by running the tools such as Nessus, Qualys Guard, etc, and those who work with various tools and know-how to make tools work can find jobs here.
  • Programmers and scripting — Automation and customizing the various security products require the skills of programming and scripting which is suitable for people having the software developing skills
  • Automation specialists — This is again automation of the security processes and working with different security products to enhance the output.



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